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Untitled thoughts of longing #1. Short and sweet.

I wish I could kiss you one last time
To drink you in like the finest red wine
To lick my lips after yours have danced with mine
But you’re gone now and we’ve run out of time


Fallen Saviour

He speaks of a boundless love

One that could transcend the ages

Or possibly comes from above

I never asked to be his Christ

I am far too broken and broke to bear
 that heavy of a price

His chips are down on this rainy November night

My wandering eye has shown me a new sight

I stand on a street corner under the glow of city lights

My lips pressed against another’s and our arms wrapped so tight

Our tongues and bodies intertwine so naturally

The falling raindrops only serve to punctuate this kiss so very beautifully

His saviour shouldn’t be in these shadows

A broken heart under the wreckage of this betrayal

And the halo he swears encircles me would now be unbestowed

But when I walk in the door, he’ll greet me with a hug

And whisper gratitude that he’s finally found the one who returns his love

He treats me like royalty

And my heart is heavy with every indiscretion

As he praises his saviour for loyalty